The Assembly Room

at Art 'n Motion

Art ‘n Motion is the 18,000 square foot host building for The Assembly Room Events. Located just within the historic St. Augustine city entrance, this two-story brick building is an early 1900’s industrial-inspired masterpiece with modern amenities. Showcasing brick walls, handcrafted woodwork and exposed ceilings, the inside of this newly constructed building is raw yet polished.

The Assembly Room at Art 'n Motion has 5 beautiful spaces to choose from for your event. Keeping in mind that every event is unique, we have multiple packages to choose from. These packages range from one room for a more intimate event or mix and match several rooms. Included in almost every package, Art ‘n Motion also offers access to our caterers’ kitchen as well as a large amount of convenient private parking making it a rarity in downtown St. Augustine.

event spaces


The Showroom

The first level of Art ‘n Motion consists of The Showroom. This large, open room shows off beautiful brick walls, shiny stained concrete floors and is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. This room also features a massive barn door backdrop and convenient restrooms. It is the perfect clean slate to make the vision for your event come to life.

Our largest event room
Massive barn-door backdrop
Convenient restrooms


The Classic

The second floor of Art ‘n Motion opens into The Classic. This room is the similar industrial style feel as the Showroom on a smaller scale. Featuring neutral tones, brick walls, massive windows and iron railings looking onto the Showroom below, this is a perfect space for a more intimate event. This room also has its own convenient restroom access and elevator access.

Balcony setting looking onto The Showroom
Convenient restrooms & water fountains
Elevator Access


Elizabeth Room

Adjoining The Classic is the Elizabeth Room. After opening the beautiful French doors, this room showcases the perfect mix of ornate woodwork and brick, a bar work-space and unique industrial lighting, making The Elizabeth Room a guest favorite. This room has large windows looking out onto the city on two sides and seemingly floating above The Showroom on the other. Named after the family’s first antique car “Elizabeth,” who will often be spotted at Art ‘n Motion, this special room is the perfect size for business meetings or larger events' buffet lines and also acts as the Groom’s Room for weddings.

Industrial Style Tables & Chairs
A mini bar including a mini-fridge, sink & granite countertops
Unique "flickering" lighting
Appropriate for around 25 people

IMG_5105 (2).JPG

The Assembly Line

Opening Soon!!
The Assembly Line Room is located in the back half of the second floor of Art ‘n Motion. This rectangular space offers a unique view of some of the “behind the scenes” equipment used for building cars. It proceeds onto The Lift Deck offering both indoor and outdoor access for your event.

Deck Access
Unique gallery viewings
Restroom Access
Convenient to our caterers' kitchen and bridal suite


The Lift Deck

The Lift Deck is our outdoor terrace just beyond The Assembly Line room. Looking over San Marco Street, this is a large concrete deck with black iron railings and lighting making it an outdoor choice for cocktail hour or other small events.

Indoor access from the Assembly Line room
Staircase to the parking lot below




Bridal Suite

Our stunning bridal suite provides plenty of lounge seating and salon-style counter space with bar stools for hair and make-up. This room also features huge windows providing natural light and is topped off with a twinkling chandelier and "chandelier" lamp for that feminine touch. Located in the back half of the second floor, it has a "behind the scenes" feel giving the bride and bridal party some privacy and peace while preparing for the special day.


Caterers' Kitchen

Our caterers' kitchen includes work stations, a refrigerator, large sinks and a microwave.  This kitchen is roomy, clean and ready for events! Located in the back half of the second floor, it is hidden from the event spaces but sits close to the stairs, hallway and elevator giving it convenient access to any venue room.